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The Flight

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"Hey, which coffee should I try?" 

Our rigorous process to select micro-lots means that all of our coffees are special.  This in turn makes it difficult for us to recommend a particular coffee.  It likely makes it difficult for you to choose as well.

Now available is a flight of coffees that will deliver a whirlwind of flavors, and the best of Latin America.

We will ship three 4 oz bags from our selection of micro-lot coffees

Pacamara (Natural):  Cherry cola with lime

Pacamara (Washed):  Aniz, pineapple juice, chocolate

Oro Azteca (Anaerobic):  Sweet dark chocolate, black pepper  

Parainema (Natural):  Strawberry lemonade, chocolate

4 ounces of each coffee means that you will have plenty of coffee to explore these flavors.