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What are the main things coffee farmers can do to produce high quality specialty coffee?

Coffee farmers can produce high quality specialty coffee by focusing on the following key factors:

  1. Growing conditions: Grow coffee in the right environment with optimal temperature, soil, altitude, and rainfall.

  2. Cultivar selection: Choose the right coffee varietals that are best suited for the growing conditions and desired taste profile.

  3. Harvesting and processing: Pick the cherries at the right time, process them promptly and correctly, and sort the beans to remove defects.

  4. Dry milling and grading: Properly dry the beans, remove the outer layers, and sort the beans by size and quality.

  5. Storage and transportation: Store the beans in proper conditions to maintain quality, and transport them carefully to avoid damage.

  6. Relationships with buyers: Develop relationships with buyers and sell directly to specialty coffee roasters to ensure fair prices and secure a steady market.

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