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The Major Coffee Varietals of The World

There are many different varieties of coffee grown around the world, and different regions have their own specialties. Some of the most popular varieties include:

  1. Arabica: This is considered to be the highest quality coffee, and it makes up about 60-70% of the world's coffee production. It is known for its sweet and delicate flavor, and it generally has a lower caffeine content than other varieties.

  2. Robusta: This variety makes up the majority of the rest of the world's coffee production. It is generally considered to be of lower quality than Arabica, and it has a stronger, more bitter flavor. However, it is known for having a higher caffeine content.

  3. Liberica: This varietal is mostly grown in West Africa and have a distinct flavour profile of its own, having a fruity and floral aroma with a heavy body and low acidity.

  4. Excelsa: This is a subvariety of the Liberica species and is grown in Southeast Asia. It has its own distinct flavor profile, with a nutty, fruity, and floral aroma.

Arabica is by far the most popular varietal of coffee, grown in most countries with a tropical climate. this is because of its milder flavor, lower caffeine content, and more complex flavor profile compared to Robusta, it is considered a gourmet coffee and is often used in specialty blends and high-end restaurants.

There's no single "best" variety of coffee, as different people have different preferences, and it's also depends on how it is grown, processed and brewed. Some people like the fruity notes of an Ethiopia Yirgacheffe or the chocolate notes of a Honduras.

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