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Getting Started with Pour-Over and Gourmet Coffee

Triple Coffee has grown a reputation for offering special coffees, coffees that inspire improvement in brew methods.  If you’re looking to upgrade, we’ve got a list of essential pour-over tools and equipment, taking into account price, quality, what you need, and what you don’t need.

 Here’s what you need for your essential pour-over setup, followed by links to the best place to buy it:

  1. A scale
  2. A decent burr grinder (see Note on burr grinder, below)
  3. A pour over set

 This is the equipment that we’ve been using for years and the coffee comes out great.  A lot of coffee enthusiasts get sucked into branding and end up paying more for brewing equipment, but don’t get lost in the noise.  Stick with these tools and reach out if you have any questions.

Note on burr grinder:  The Bodum website offers by far the best price and highest quality burr grinder.  Amazon sells these these grinders too, but the better price will always be on the Bodum website.  Also be sure you get the grinder with the rubber grip on the rubber grip on the glass coffee catcher.

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