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ChatGPT spits Tupac Style about Arabica Coffee Varietals

ChatGPT, in the writing style of Tupac, please tell me about the major arabica coffee varietals.


Yo, listen up, I'm here to spit facts 'bout that good ol' coffee bean, Arabica, the real OG, with flavors that will make you lean.

There's Bourbon, it's smooth, like a Sunday drive, With notes of chocolate, and a touch of fruit alive.

Then there's Typica, the classic one, with a balanced vibe, Ain't nothing fake, just pure flavor that'll keep you high.

Caturra's next, a little wildcard, with a bolder roast, Gives you that kick, that you need, like a jump-start for your day most.

And last but not least, there's Gesha, the king, a rare delight, With a taste that'll blow your mind, like a midnight sky that's bright.

So next time you sip that cup, remember these names, Arabica's the real deal, and it'll keep your taste buds entertained!

Here's the screenshot!

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