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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage with Coffee

As September draws nearer, our minds wander to the changing of the season: leaves turning orange, colorful decorations, and pumpkin-flavored everything. For many people in the United States, however, September is a month to celebrate something else altogether – Hispanic Heritage Month.


Hispanic Heritage month is an important time when all Americans can take time to recognize, celebrate, and honor the contributions of Hispanic communities to the US. What better way to celebrate than with a delicious cup of Hispanic-inspired coffee?


When it comes to coffee, Hispanic countries are well known for producing some of the best varieties in the world. From Mexico to Peru, Colombia to Spain, the flavors, aromatics, and nuances associated with Hispanic coffees are like nothing else. They offer cup qualities that range from bold and powerful, to complex and aromatic. Each culture has its own unique coffee-preparation methods, and the wealth of flavor each individual cup of coffee has to offer is truly awe-inspiring.


Whether you're a fan of espresso-based drinks, or you prefer to enjoy a velvety pour over, there's no denying that Hispanic coffees deserve a prominent place in your cupboard. For those looking to tap into the treasure trove of great tasting coffee, there are plenty of ways to incorporate Hispanic coffee into your daily life. For example, why not start the day with a classic Mexican espresso, or sip on a refreshing cortado mid-afternoon. Either way, you'll be sure to capture the flavors and aromatics of Hispanic heritage in a cup!


So, this Hispanic Heritage month, take a moment to recognize, celebrate and honor the contributions of Hispanic cultures to America. Why not do it with a delicious cup of Hispanic-inspired coffee? It's the perfect way to both pay your respects and experience the complex and exquisite flavors of Hispanic countries.

Hispanic heritage month and coffee

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