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Yellow Catuai Honey (Marcala, Honduras)
Yellow Catuai Honey (Marcala, Honduras)

Yellow Catuai Honey (Marcala, Honduras)

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    About this coffee:
    • Flavor: Honey lime
    • Grind setting: 3/10 to 4/10 (1 - finest; 10 - coarsest)
    • Grower:  Dominguez Family
    • Farm: Finca La Cueva
    • Region: Marcala, Honduras
    • Altitude: 1350 meters (4429 feet)
    • Variety: Yellow Catuai
    • Process: Honey
    • Accolades:  2015 - 2019 Honduras Cup of Excellence Finalist (2nd place in 2019)

    The Dominguez family is a third generation coffee producer.  While the first two generations were conventional coffee producers, the latest one has taken a concentrated focus on producing the highest grade specialty coffee.  

    By improving harvesting techniques, processing methods, and paying better wages, the Dominguez family has consistently placed in the top 10 of the Honduran Cup of Excellence for the last 5 years.  Last year they placed 2nd.