Exclusive: The 2020 Honduras Harvest is Here!

Pacas Honey (El Sauce, Honduras)
Pacas Honey (El Sauce, Honduras)

Pacas Honey (El Sauce, Honduras)

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Triple Coffee's direct relationship with coffee producers strikes gold, again. 

We are the first (and quite possibly the only) to offer fresh Santa Barbara, Honduras coffees from the 2020 harvest.  Coffees from the Santa Barbara region normally get shipped in August in large containers as green bean. Consequently, Santa Barbara coffees will not hit the US market until at least the end of summer.  Get a 3 to 4 month speak-peak at what's coming ahead.

    About this coffee:

    • Pedro Sagastume
    • Farm Name: Los Quetzales
    • Location: El Sauce, Santa Barbara
    • Altitude: 1580 meters (5183 feet)
    • Variety: Pacas
    • Process: Honey

    Pedro Sagastume is a proud third generation coffee farmer.  He is intensely focused on taking full advantaged of the blessed region where he grows his coffee.  His quality coffee has lead to better sales and a sustainable family business.  We are privileged to host his coffees.

    Pacas is a very high quality arabica bean that is a genetic derivative of the quintessential Bourbon varietal.  These varietals are famous for their sweetness and perform very well with high altitudes and volcanic soils, which are precisely the conditions found in El Sauce, Santa Barbara.

    Honey coffees are very interesting.  The term Honey refers to the syrupy shiny appearance of the coffee cherry that has been stripped of its outer skin.  What is left behind is a thin layer of pulp covering the coffee pit where the beans reside.  The residual pulp and pit are laid out to dry and allowed to co-mingle.  The result is a coffee bean that has attributes of both the seed and the fruit, that is, attributes that are between the washed method and the natural method.  Flavors tend to be balanced between citric, floral, and fruity.

    Santa Barbara is a preeminent coffee region of Honduras.  Santa Barbara's high altitude and volcanic soil, situated adjacent to the largest lake in Honduras (Lake Yojoa), create an extremely unique and favorable environment for award winning coffees.  Ever year a large portion of Cup of Excellence coffees come from the mountainous region of Santa Barbara.