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Competition Micro-Lot Pacamara Washed (Comayagua, Honduras)

Competition Micro-Lot Pacamara Washed (Comayagua, Honduras)

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Mr. Abel Giron (or Don Abel Giron in spanish) has developed an amazing reputation for his prize winning pacamara micro-lots.  "I have always bet on quality" is what he says about his approach to producing coffee.  We absolutely, without a doubt, see the results.

Don Giron prepared this particular micro-lot for a competition.  Coffee competitions are important in the local coffee economy because coffees that place high get sold through auctions where prices paid for coffees are significantly above commodity prices.  

Unfortunately, the competition that Don Giron was going to enter his coffee to was canceled due to COVID-19.  But in true Triple Coffee form, we have purchased his micro-lot at a price only seen in auctions.  But we are perfectly happy with that because this coffee is simply a show-stopper.  You will be very hard pressed to find a sweeter, more floral pacamara with the brightest aftertaste that parts clouds for what feels like forever.

This micro-lot is very small and will be released monthly in limited quantities.  If it is sold out, you may be able to find this at a specialty roaster in Japan.  Just google Abel Giron pacamara.

Producer Accolades: 2016, 2017 Best of Honduras Late Harvest winner, 2018 Cup of Excellence finalist, 2021 Good Food Winner