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Competition Micro-Lot Pacamara Washed (Comayagua, Honduras)-Roasted Coffee-Triple Coffee Co.

Competition Micro-Lot Pacamara Washed (Comayagua, Honduras)

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Mr. Abel Giron (or Don Abel Giron in Spanish) has developed an amazing reputation for his prize-winning pacamara micro-lots.  "I have always bet on quality" is what he says about his approach to producing coffee.  We absolutely, without a doubt, see the results.


This micro-lot is very small and will be released monthly in limited quantities.  If it is sold out, you may be able to find this at a specialty roaster in Japan.  Just google Abel Giron pacamara.

Producer Accolades: 2016, 2017 Best of Honduras Late Harvest winner, 2018 Cup of Excellence finalist, 2021 Good Food Winner